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IT support,  IT networking, Break/Fix, Helping you with your IT needs, Need tech support? its_a_pc-n-web001001.jpg
Tech Support anyone?
You have come a long way with using a Person Computer! You are more tech savvy than before, email conscience, chat friendly, online shopper aficionado, stock exchange guru, document editor extraordinaire, and then, your computer CRASHES; viruses corrupted your files and you cannot get your PC from functioning as needed. What are you going to do? If you are under warranty, no problem, just call your provider and follow their instruction for shipping out your PC, or and they will assign you a tech for a visit. Good! You got that problem solved.

However, what are you going to do if you do not have a warranty? That is where we come in. Click here to see our mail in instructions. In addition, if we are in your local area, we do house calls!

If you are a small to midsize company, and can not afford to hire in staff IT personnel to provide preventative maintenance, upgrade your system, upgrade your hardware, PC roll-outs, new installations, Operating System migration give us a call. We will set up a budget plan, or package based on your IT needs. No need to fret over cost. We will handle all your IT needs without having the need of a full time IT guy, at a fraction of the cost.
Have an IT expert when ever there is a need.

Need  tech support? Call now @ 845-283-8574
We cover Orange, Sullivan, Hudson-Valley, etc. NY area, give us a call, or
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Yes, we do house and office visits, too!!
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